Boy Wonder (blakthorne) wrote in thequestionclub,
Boy Wonder

Sound Equipment

Dear TQC:

Say you were given a small grant to provide sound equipment for a small multiuse stage. The needs would mostly be a PA of some sort, a few mics and mic stands, speakers (and monitor?), and all the assorted cords, stands and such that go with.

The stage would primarily be used for open mics and a few low-key musical acts, generally involving accoustic instruments, or maybe a few electric. There would not really be a need for more than six channels on the PA. In a perfect world, the PA would also work as some kind of mixer and would also allow for a clean line-in to a computer so that someone could use something like Audacity to record the events. (Does such a thing exist?)

This would also be in the realm of affordable/economy equipment, as the stuff that is currently in residence at said stage was donated, and the organization is a non-profit with a limited operating budget.

All that said, what kind of equipment would you provide for this space?

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