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Come all you spelling and grammar nazis

I need help! My boyfriend's band asked him to type of a promo page, but his drummer has our Microsoft Office disk. Could someone just read through this and make sure it looks and sounds okay? We'd be eternally grateful.

Also, I know this is asking a lot, but if you could help us get it into a Word document, it would be a HUGE help. Thanks, everyone!

The Nocturnal Tomatoes are a rock band based out of Colorado. The band has been working very hard throughout the last 3 years and has much to show for it. Some of the highlights include: the release of their first full length album, Crescendo, hitting the road and going on a 9 stop tour of the West Coast, playing at several Guitar Center Grand Openings across the country, headlining the South Park Music Tour for the last 2 years, providing pregame entertainment to the fans of the local minor league baseball team at Security Service Field, and playing to a crowd of over 8,000 at the Colorado Springs World Arena. Not only have they been playing out, but they've also spent a lot of time in the studio writing and recording songs for their upcoming releases. Through these and other accomplishments, The Nocturnal Tomatoes have become a fixture in the local and regional music scene.

The Nocturnal Tomatoes recently played at an event called "Give me a shot" at The Famous Walnut Room in Denver, Colorado. It was designed to allow musicians to play in front of, and be judged by, some of the most influential music industry professionals in Colorado. Each judge wrote a critique of the band. Here's what some of them had to say:

"Nice pop rock sound with commercial radio appeal. You guys could do summer festivels and do very well in TV and film placement." - Sarah Levin from Nobody In Particular Productions (NIPP)

"Very professional! All the songs were interesting and solid! Looking forward to seeing the band again." - Brandon from Suburban Home Records

"Great song selections. I was immediately in to it." - Paige Montgomery from The Colorado Music Buzz.

"The band played the set with passion. I thought the stage presentation and delivery were great! I also felt like everyone on stage gave a S*** about every single song." - Drew Brown from General Assembly Pictures

"The show and music were great. Everyone stopped, looked and listened" - Lance Bendicksen from Bendicksen Productions

The music industry has a lot to look forward to from The Nocturnal Tomatoes. The band is about to release their second full length album entitled North River Mansion. The album will be released on July 11, 2009. The band, along with Grammy Award winning producer, Lance Bendicksen, will also continue production on a 4 track EP for the purpose of solicitation to music industry professionals world wide. Along with these recordings, the band is also preparing for a multitude of huge shows including: two appearances at Stargazers theater, two more appearances this summer at Security Service Field, headlining at the South Park Music Tour for the 3rd year running, appearing at multiple festivals in the Colorado region, and their return to The Colorado Springs World Arena to provide entertainment at the opening ceremony for The Colorado State Games.

The Nocturnal Tomatoes have clearly established themselves as one of the top bands in the Colorado music scene. Due to their hard work, dedication, and passion for their art, they will continue to make great strides in their endeavors to become a world famous rock band.
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