Beatface. (mindlessdork) wrote in thequestionclub,

I am disappointed in Borders's lack of selection.

Can you recommend me a book on teratoma?
Something that entertains like Oliver Sacks, Mary Roach, David Shields - all authors that I am interested in but have not yet read because they go so fast on BookMooch and Borders didn't have the covers I like!
(If not, feel free to suggest some other book.)

Do you judge books by their covers, too?

The weirdest people hit on me, and tonight some older guy at Borders insisted I knew where some book on vampires was located because I'm "one of those girls, dark hair, weird piercings" (I have neither dark hair nor "weird" piercings, although I'll be getting my septum done soon). I simply said, "Not me," to which he smugly responded, "It's you." Um, wtf, I don't work here and if you're interested in a girl, definitely don't approach her acting like you have her pinned. Last week, I was at the grocery store picking some things up for a potluck and decided to be a little spontaneous and try an exotic fruit (a horned melon), and the older inbred-looking guy behind me in line kept saying, regarding the $4.99 fruit, "I hope I get to know how it turns out." I just laughed in his face and walked away.
TQC, will you please tell me about weird instances where you were hit on?
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