Ekaton (mmyesidosay) wrote in thequestionclub,

Dear TQC,

Every evening, from around 4-10 PM, my neighbor downstairs plays very loud music. Very, very loud. So loud, that my keys on my keyboard rattle, and stuff on my walls shake, I shit you not. I've already complained once to the office, and all they said was 'Uuugh, that guy again'. I've asked him once, and he turns it down for all of 5 minutes, before blaring 'Red Red Wine' again for the 9th time in one evening.

I want to call the cops, but after asking me if I lived alone (I said no, but I've yet to have a guy over to reinforce this lie), he told me to never call the cops on him due to his loud music. No, really, he said that. He scares me, but this is a) giving me a headache, b) affecting my sleep/studying.

Any suggestions at all? I'm at a loss.

Since you all are saying call the cops anyways, another question. Will I have to ID him, and will he see me? When I was in Scotland, I had to ID a guy who tried to break in our apartment. Not sure I'd want a guy who lives below me knowing I ratted him out.
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