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I'll take a side of "New Job", please.

So guys... i need a new job, asap. i've been thinking about "work at home" jobs, but i'm wary of them, and rightfully so; most of them are scams. i know that legit ones exist, it's just so hard to find one.

Here's one though, that i'm not sure about. What do yall think?

Have any of you ever tried a "work from home" job? Opinions?

side note: A) not sure if it's against rules to post this link, and if so, sorry 'bout that and B) i in no way, shape, or form work for this company / am trying to spam the community. i just want to know what yall think.

Edit: got rid of the link, so it's not spammin' the community. So is there something else out there that yall recommend for at home work then?
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