"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!" (soupcan) wrote in thequestionclub,
"She's Not a Man, She Just Ain't Got No Class!"

TQC, I need your expert internet-lawyer advice.

In August of 2007, I joined the Peace Corps and left Chicago a month before my lease was up with my friend. Being that I was crazy busy planning my international move, I gave my last two months' rent to my roommate to pay the rent.

FAST FORWARD to today: the management agency has just now turned us over to a collections agency for those last two months. Now I don't know if they lost the payment, as they were prone to doing every month, or if my roommate stole the money. I have half a notion to expect the latter, as she kind of fell into coke briefly after I left, has a history of not returning money to our co-leasers, and has never ever been able to manage money.

So hypothetically, if she stole my money, how much am I screwed? This is affecting my credit report, my future ability to rent apartments, etc. She is/was one of my best friends, but I'm not above taking her to small claims court, because we're talking almost 1000 dollars IF she didn't pay the rent with it.

What would you do in my situation, besides kick her ass if it turns out she didn't pay (which I will do)? The only good that can come of this is that I no longer will feel obliged to ask her to be a bridesmaid.
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