waitsunlight (waitsunlight) wrote in thequestionclub,

Has anyone here ever read "Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean M. Auel? My boss recommended that I read it because she sees me reading various books all the time. She insists that I will absolutely love the book, but even the brief synopsis on the back turn me off. She gave me her copy to read and is asking me if I've started it.
Two problems:
1. I really like my boss, even on a personal level and don't want to tell her the idea of the book sucks in my opinion and I don't want to read it because truth be told I like her recommendations on just about anything other than books.
2. I just bought $75 worth of new books at Borders two weeks ago and I'm stoked to start reading them... why would I start reading something I'm 98% sure I'm going to hate if I just bought brand new books about things I like?

How do I tell her without making her feel like her opinion is invalid that I don't want to read this book? Am I being ignorant by not reading past the first chapter? Am I really missing out on something by not reading it?
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