Astrid Asteroid (astridasteroid) wrote in thequestionclub,
Astrid Asteroid

For those of you that have birds, more specifically parakeets..

I have a male and a female parakeet, they're both about 3-4 years old... recently the female has started hanging out in the seed dish. She'll get into the dish, grab onto the side with one foot and kick out the seeds with the other foot until there are no seeds left. She's been doing this for about two weeks now. As soon as I refill the seed dish (although there is always at least a cup of fresh seed on the floor from the previous full dish) she gets in it and digs it out again. Maybe it's a brand thing, I don't know-- she's done this with two different brands, both of which they've had before... so I'm sure she's not being picky. Is she trying to nest? Anxious? Sick? Anyone ever had birds do this before?
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