iheartsarahduh (iheartsarahduh) wrote in thequestionclub,

I have been thinking about things between a friend and I, where we were FWB, I asked him if he wanted to take things further in to BF/GF mode, and he gave me a shitty excuse. I need to get over this, as I spent a good half an hour crying while doing dishes, and all this happened a month ago. Should I:
1) Tell him EVERYTHING, no matter how ridiculous or minute, that's been bothering me about the situation?
2) Tell him that I'm still not over him, and that I'd expect him to respect my feelings, period?
3) Talk to our mutual friend, whom I know he's spoken to regarding this situation, about what I should do?
4) Drink more whiskey and completely disregard ever telling him anything?
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