and i laugh all the way to hell (sotrescharmant) wrote in thequestionclub,
and i laugh all the way to hell

A random assortment

Right now there is an epic battle taking place between my lethargy and my nicotine addiction. I need to shower and get dressed before I can potentially go out but I don't feel like doing those things.

1) Are you the kind of person who needs to look 100% presentable even just to run out to the store for milk/cigarettes/etc or can you just throw something on and go? I get really self-conscious if my hair isn't PERFECT, even just to buy cigarettes and come home. It's lame.

2) Cucumbers, jelly, and butter on toast. Does this sound delicious or disgusting?

3) Are rim jobs kinky? Have you/would you do it (giving or recieving) or are you completely grossed out at the thought?
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