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people with cats

Do you trim your cat's butt?

If so, how often? What's your best method? Have you ever been injured doing this?

I have to trim my cat's butt. Otherwise he gets poo stuck on his butt once approximately every 6 weeks. So I distract him with a toy on one and while somebody helps me trim his butt with a pair of scissors that I don't use for anything else but opening boxes/packages. It's necessary. I have been mangled doing this. I have a huge ugly brown scar on my right arm from an angry cat getting his butt hair trimmed.

For those who are like "wtf" or generally don't understand why I am inquring as to cat butt hair removal techniques, it is simple -- my cat is a Maine Coon and is the size of a small dog, and he has very long hair. Every so often, he can get things stuck in his butthair. It doesn't happen often but it happens and I like to fix the problem before it becomes a problem. He usually doesn't notice it until it dries and gets stuck in his hair, which is really nasty, and since I'm gone at school or doing something else I don't want to take that chance, so I trim his butt every ~month and a half to two months. Or mostly when I remember to.

I had to do it yesterday and I thought I'd ask if there were any pros.


(pic related, it is the animal in question -- under a year old still at the time. he's bigger now.)

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