miss_lumina_s (miss_lumina_s) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm not telling you who this is. I'll give you a link and then you figure out for yourself. Please decide if you think this is a girl or a guy then look at the video I link and tell me if you were right. lol Many have mistaken this person for the opposite gender, upon first sight, is why I ask. Plus this post amuses me. lol Hopefully a lot of you don't already know who this is lol

Link to persons picture:

EDIT: Ok I should have just edited this post instead of making a new one..my bad. This post is a major fail, but there have been many who upon first site have thought he's a woman, but I've found its how he use to look when he was younger that did it and this video:


Try this video and if you didn't hear his voice while watching it from first glance would would think he's a woman, if you didn't already know of course?
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