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Did you ever do this game in the playground where several people stand next to one wall and one person stands next to a wall facing them and then the one person has to chose a topic, lets say 'favourite colour' and then the other side have to all pick one unique answer each then one person acts as a messenger and has to tell the questioner all the answers in any order but not who they correspond to, then the messenger goes back to the other side and the questioner choses one at random, and then the person who it corresponds to and the one asking it have to run from wall to wall and spell out the word on letter at a time for instance P-U-R-P-L-E and the first one to finish is safe and the loser has to then become, or stay as the person asking the questions for the next round?

What was this game called? Please! Help? I'm going b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

EDIT: Solved! To all the non-believers the game is called 'Polo' and is handidly explained by 9 year old Christina on


By Christina, 9

Rules: A person is on and s'he chooses an object. Say if it's clothes, the people that aren't on go to the person that is and tell him/her the clothes that they've chosen. Then the person that is on shouts a type of clothes from those chosen by the players. That person runs and they run in the letters of their type of clothes.


* Simplicity 2
* Interest to watch 4
* Fun Playing 5
* Equipment
* Space Required 3

How to win : On the last letter in the word whoever gets there at the end first wins.
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