Joel Stringfellow (njyoder) wrote in thequestionclub,
Joel Stringfellow

How do modern cell phones with Palm OS vs. Windows Mobile vs. Blackberry OS compare to each other? Among those listed below, which would you recommend the most?

I'm thinking Palm Centro, MOTO Q 9m, or Blackberry Pearl. VX6900, or Blackberry Curve. (All on Verizon).

Do any of these restrict what third-party programs you can download? In other words, would I have to pay up the ass just to download some freeware from a random website?



Did you know that H.G. Wells was a ladies man among intellectuals? He bang-bang-banged many famous intellectuals like feminist Margaret Sanger and various authors I can't remember, even when he was middle aged (open marriage). He has this whole romantic history that most people don't know about and promoted feminist values and sexual freedom back in the day.
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