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Another Artfuldodger fashion with more than just heels!

I am fashion-stupid, so TQC, opinions?

Would this skirt go okay with a plum colored top & plum-purple shoes?

I mean...if I paired it with some green and purple earrings to sort of coordinate the green hints in the skirt...? (I'll be wearing a short brown smoking jacket with the ensemble, fyi.)

I wanted to get some adorable blue heels and nice light blue top, but they're no longer selling the shoes I wanted in my size, so now I'm stuck having to put together something else.

My plum idea would look okay, right? Wrong? *krikri*

Essentially, brown/light green/light blue/plum = okay, right? Wrong?

Edit! these are the shoes in I'd be looking for a shade of plum that went with this, but not that *exact* same shade for the shirt...less bold, but good enough to still go with the shoes, yanno? I don't currently have a shirt to go with it so I'm shopping...

Am I off my fashion rocker?

I am not good at this being-a-girl-and-dressing-like-one business, am I TQC?
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