And THEN, (ships_sail) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sooooo I just had a really weird experience at the doctor's office. So I had to get this *thing* (of a sensitive matter) done, so I went to this new doctor office and it was scary, etc. The doctor came in and was asking me first-visit type questions and was like, "Do you work for Company?!" I was like, "no, but my dad does, I'm just under their insurance."

This particular company has received US bailout $$$ and was under investigation for how they used this taxpayer $$$, and before the bailout, I guess a lot of investors lost money. Anyway the doctor basically went on this anti-Comany rant that was totally spiteful and he even threw in a "well why don't you tell you dad blahblahblah" before being all "Are your menstrual cycles regular?"

I mean, it kind of freaked me the fuck out. And was like, totally unprofessional. Can I complain? Who should I complain TO?

this is definitely bad_service, right?
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