Blue Eyed Devil (uberfenn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Blue Eyed Devil

ARGH TQC i need your help. i have a night out on Thursday with work peeps and the top im planning on wearing has a low back. now my problem is this, my back is SO FUCKING SPOTTY it is unbelieveable, its like im a teenager again. i need your collective brain to help me fix this.
i've used various face washes for spotty skin over the past couple of weeks, but i have really sensative skin and they arent helping. regular shower gel doesnt do anything. my sister suggested sunbeds but 1. i am claustrophbic and 2. there isnt a tanning salon near me.

i could wear a different top but i am trying to impress a hot guy and this is my 'look how sexy i am' top. there is an option of a shrug or bolero but id rather not wear one coz ill probably roast in the club. got any bright ideas? i need them NOW
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