perception is reality (insideand_out) wrote in thequestionclub,
perception is reality

are you an extrovert or an introvert?

How does one go about being sociable?

i used to be so shy , kind of cautious but i usually open up to people. my boyfriend is like my best friend of three years and i dont really know anything different..
it seems that i don't really have any friends and i dont really know how to make friends.
i kind of cut all my friends out of my life and i really want to have girlfriends and such to hangout with and stuff like that.
like even at my job, im a waitress, and it involves talking to many different people, i would like to know more about my regulars and more about the people i work with! but im just too scared..

i just get so scared and i dont want to like.. put myself out there.
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