was never much but we've made the most (jira_rd) wrote in thequestionclub,
was never much but we've made the most

So, I went to a wake today and was looking at photos of the person whose wake I was attending. A lot of the older ones from between the 50s and early 90s were tinted with a sort of burnt out sepia coloring. I really love looking at old photos.

Can you link me to sites with photos from between the 20s and 60s? It doesn't have to be of anything specific, just lots of photos of that time.

Following the same trend, can you tell me of any books, or original fiction or fanfiction online that is set at some point during the 20s through the 60s that really focuses on the lifestyle of the time?

ETA: Okay, yeah, I'm an asshole, I admit it, for not googling first. I'm doing that now, but if you know of any sites that aren't immediate responses from google, maybe more obscure photos, I should clarify that, I would love them.
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