My Dear Delirious (cpl593h) wrote in thequestionclub,
My Dear Delirious

Inspired by a post at gradstudents

What is the weirdest thing you've come across doing research and or some kind of reading?

I was researching several sculptures from late medieval German convents, and so I was reading a lot about visionary experiences. I came across a nun who had a vision (and some of these visions were felt rather than seen) that she felt the foreskin of Christ on her tongue and it was "sweet as eggskin." Any time she tried to swallow it, it would reappear.

Now, even though I know that this was not a sexual experience in any way, it still made me go WTF!!! right there in the library and I still laugh when I think about it. I wish I could have written that into the paper I was working on, but it wasn't really relevant.
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