Blue Eyed Devil (uberfenn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Blue Eyed Devil

whats the last amusing thing you have come across on the internet that isnt meant to actually be funny?

due to boredom i am looking at the Parental Guides on IMDB for films i have. for I AM Legend theres this:

Very strong:

Mutants jump around.

Now that just puts images of silly mutants on a sugar high or something similar in my head. considering its not like that AT ALL in the film and actually mostly scared the bejesus out of me i found that rather titillating.

and for Cloverfield:

The whole movie is photographed on a home movie camera. The camera is very shaky (especially at action scenes). That may cause motion sickness.

i do not expect motion sickness when i watch a movie, but thanks for the warning.

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