Shinga (shinga) wrote in thequestionclub,

borderline tl;dr

TQC, we got a notice from apartment management yesterday saying we had to pay a $50 fee because they found a cigarette butt outside our door.

I checked outside, and yes, there's a cigarette butt... but it's honestly closer to the neighbor's door and it's just about right under the stair going up to the upstairs neighbors, who smoke all the time on the stairs. I do not smoke, and neither do my roommates. I took the note up to the office and told them this and they said they'd look into it.

What do you think will happen? Will they drop the fine? Will they charge the upstairs neighbors even though the butt was downstairs and tbh there's really no way to prove it's theirs?

Will you tell me some insane/stupid/etc sort of stories about your living space?
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