mhmhmbrittany (mhmhmbrittany) wrote in thequestionclub,

okayy;so me & this kid dated for a long period of time
we broke up on newyears
and then the whole
"i still love you" phase ended around valentines day

hes made it very clear he doesnt want to be with me
let alone talk to me 60% of the time
(when hes with his friend james)
because james and i dont get along very well.
but when he does talk to me
its normaly short and simple
but everyonce in a while he'll message me and start a conversation that could go on for a while
but then he gets angry at something small ill say and
stop talking to me completly.

I dont plan on getting back with him ,ever.

but whenever im anywhere near him
one of my friends will see him staring at me
and when i turn around he turns his head really quickly.
Normaly i avoid making any eye contact with him because
hes not that great of a person to any of his exs
and i dont put up with back&forth stuff.

so why,even though hes made it clear he doesnt want to be friends
let alone anything else
and he wont even talk to me
why does he stare at me constantly ?
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