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I got an industrial piercing a year ago and I STUPIDLY touched it last week without washing my hands. Now it is extremely red and EXTREMELY sore, which I'm guessing means it did not like getting touched with dirty hands.

Anyway, there is no iodine-free salt at the pharmacy and I don't have time to go downtown to get some today, but if I don't clean this thing soon I think my ear's going to explode. Or fall off. Or something equally terrible. I can get unscented antibacterial from the pharmacy, or I can use some contact lense saline solution. I'm really confused because half of the websites I am finding say no to antibacterial and contact solution, and the other half say they're fine to use. Can anyone with piercings experience help me out? Contact solution, antibacterial, or just plain water until I can get to the store and buy some sea salt?
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