Aerozeppelin (aeroszeppelin) wrote in thequestionclub,

Recently my 8-month old kitten has started acting like a real jerk. She's constantly throwing things down from my desk, going into places she shouldn't, stealing stuff from the bathroom (q-tips and cotton balls), sometimes attacking my feet, etc.

She's a shelter kitty (got her at 3 months), spayed, has plenty of toys and a buddy to play with (3-year old male cat from the same shelter, they get along very well). I give her plenty of attention when she's not being annoying. I'm on spring break this week so it's mostly just me home all day - usually nobody is home between 7am-4pm; I'm thinking this may be part of what's making her freak out.

Is there anything I can do to calm her down or is this just an annoying, destructive phase that I just have to put up with until she grows out of it?
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