June (bei_en_lun) wrote in thequestionclub,

Ok here's a situation!

We have 4 people sitting around a table. 3 of them are Joe, Laura, and Missy. The 4th person is you! Joe, Laura, and Missy are your good friends. Joe acts like an asshole a lot but he really means well and has his genuine caring moments. Laura is a bitch, she really can be mean sometimes, but she's only that way because she's socially weird and doesn't know how to handle situations properly. Missy is cool.

Joe pulls out a picture of himself from 3 years ago and shows it to you all. He is larger in this picture than he is now, but not obese or anything, just a little overweight. You didn't know him back then. Obviously he's lost some weight since then and has done good for himself.

Laura looks at it and says "You're so... FAT! You don't even look like the same person!!!" in a rude and condescending kind of voice.

Joe is taken aback. He says "Oh, well I was really fucked up back then."

Missy says "You have got to be fucking kidding me. You were not "SO FAT", just heavier, and you do look like the same person! Jesus Christ!" She gives Laura a dirty look.

ETA: omg, I forgot to add this.
Laura says, "Okay, I guess you do look like the same person. Were you an asshole back then too?" in the same rude manner.

*uncomfortable silence with Missy glaring at Laura, Laura looking at Joe in a demanding fashion, and Joe looking like he wants to get away*

What do you do? Do you say something to Laura? Do you ignore them? Do you try to change the conversation to get away from this awkward moment?
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