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So I got home from work tonight and found a note under my door from my apartment manager. It says there have been many complaints about the noise level coming from my apartment. It said there are kids running and loud music blaring at all hours of the night. I do play music, but it's never really loud, and always off by 8, and my daughter is in bed by 8:30. I called the manager and was told the complaint specifically said it was loud rap music. That's one genre I don't listen to, but my neighbor across the hall is constantly playing it LOUDLY. These neighbors also let their kids run up and down the hall like fucking maniacs. The note said if there's any more complaints, I'll be charged $100. For something I'm not even doing.

Dear TQC, what would you do? Would you confront your loud neighbor and tell them to turn it down? Would you go downstairs to the neighbor that complained and discuss it with them? Would you say fuck it and make as much noise as possible since you'll probably be stuck with a fine anyway? Or would you do something else entirely?

Thanks everyone.

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