Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Baby, it's you...except not

Your best celebrity crush ends up dating someone who looks JUST like you. You could be twins, except he/she has a slightly better body. Even this person's name is the same, except it's spelled differently. Your crush tells the media that he/she has never been so happy and it's true love. They marry soon after and in all the tabloids, you see pictures of your crush and what looks like you exiting the church in full wedding regalia, enormous smiles on their faces. How do you feel?

Amused. This is one helluva coincidence
Jealous. That should be me!
Indifference. So fucking what?
Aroused. I don't know why, but it's kind of hot thinking of my doppleganger banging my crush. I can live vicariously through them
Sad. My crush shouldn't be with anyone except me:(

The marriage lasts a year, and after that, your twin breaks your crush's heart and ends up winning half his/her fortune in the divorce. Your crush is devastated and announces to the press "I hate my ex SO MUCH! I'll never so much as talk to anyone who reminds me of him/her!!" So, pretty much, any hypothetical chance you might have had with your crush is no longer possible and you wouldn't even get a chance to talk to him/her without your crush calling security on you. How do you feel?

Still amused. It's a coincidence, but now it's full of unnecessary drama
Indifference. Who cares? It isn't like I was going to meet him/her anyway
Angry. My doppleganger is a fucking bitch for doing such a messed up thing. I want to kick my lookalike's ass for breaking my crush's heart
Sad. Boohoo. My crush hates my twin and by default, hates me.

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