pumpkinseeds (pumpkinseeds) wrote in thequestionclub,

Alright.  I've been unemployed for way too long.  Partially due to health crap popping up and also in part to a completely saturated job market.  Typically, I've been an Administrative Assistant / Executive Assistant (just special words for Secretary, pretty much).  It's time to get a skill and be more marketable.  My father called me this afternoon and told me to think of something I want to do and he's going to put me through the schooling necessary to do it.  (Side note:  Wow, I had no idea my Dad was this awesome.  Ok, a little idea.) 

But now I'm stuck.  I have NO idea what I could possibly look into and I'm brain dead.  We're meeting for dinner in 15 minutes to talk about this further.  Can you give me ideas that don't have years-long degree plans (phd, masters, blah blah blah)?  The only thing I can think of is possibly nursing school, but I don't know if I could get over a slight fear of needles and blood to do it.  

Help?  D: 

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