jessica (ujay) wrote in thequestionclub,

someone on my friends list posted this entry today.
i have my own opinion, but will you share yours?

friend's entry under the cut

"i'm sure everybody in the entire world is going to jump down my throat for criticizing the 'almighty obama' but he has taken his reform shit a step too far.
today the tax on cigarettes almost tripled. and why is this? to help some reform that helps childrens medicine or something. since he's so caught up in this whole 'socialized medicine' thing, obama is trying anything he can to make that happen, so what's the best way to make a giant leap in that direction? put the burden on a minority of the population, aka, smokers.
i'm not going to argue that smoking is bad, it is...but this isn't the way to get people to quit, while obama thinks it is. stop pretending that you're trying to save us from ourselves by sticking it to big tobacco, you're doing this because you need to money to fund your spending spree and you know that smokers won't give up their nicotine.
think about it, a pack a day smoker will be spending almost 10 dollars a week just on taxes now. multiply that by the millions of smokers, and who WOULDNT want a piece of that pie? statistically, smoking is more prevalent in poorer areas, and with this being a recession, you're just hurting the people you're trying to help with your insurance/medicine plan. i spend a lot of time in south buffalo, which is by all means a 'below the national average' city when it comes to income, and you know what the people out there love? their cigarettes. i'm not generalizing, i'm just saying that the people i talk to who are smokers tell me that it's the one thing that they won't give up, it's like a comfort in these tough times.
so obama do you really want to help us smokers? pump some of that tax money into free smoking cessation programs, otherwise stop trying to shove that 'it's for your health' garbage down our throats, if you're going to single us out and take even MORE of our money, then let's see it benefit us. PS, the 'raising prices in a recession will make you think twice about lighting up' garbage isn't helping us, it's just pissing us off.
how about a tax across the board? something we all use? then you can charge less? no? still targeting the smokers? that's cool...but i have just one thing to say. and dear god, let the anger start to stir in people...
obama, fuck you."

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