iheartsarahduh (iheartsarahduh) wrote in thequestionclub,


Have any non-Jewish members of TQC attended a Passover seder?
How was the experience for you?
Any Jewish TQCers got any advice for me?

My room mate/BFF has graciously invited me to the home of his fabulous parents for this event. I accepted because I truly am interested in this, as well as honored to have been invited. However, looking in to it on Wikipedia, I am seeing this as a "WHERE DO I PUT MY HANDS?" situation - there are a lot of steps and stuff, things I am TOTALLY not familiar with.

All I was told was "THERE WILL BE WINE! LOTS OF WINE!", and that so long as I don't bring ham and a loaf of bread, I won't offend.

TIA, y'all!

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