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kinda random questions.

Thanks to all who tried to help me in my panicked state the other day. I don't have it quite worked out yet, but I feel better...a little better, anyway.

Anyway, random questions.

1. Who is better--Three Dog Night or America?

2. Can you go to the bathroom at work? I couldn't poop there for the longest time until last night. It was a relief.

3. If your blood aunt marries a man who becomes your uncle, and then divorces him, is he still your uncle?

(this question is especially important.)
4. If you found out a family member failed to claim assets on a bankrupcy, and you KNOW that this person still has those assets, and got them on a credit card that was charged off, so essentially getting them for free...would you rat them out or try to blackmail them? Would you do anything?
ETA: it's my dad, who has failed to help me out with anything when time after time my mom has. He got two Harleys and a Camaro after the bankrupcy while my mom, brother and I have all struggled. What do you think I should do?
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