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Language Settings in Windows

I asked this in a Windows help community, but no one seemed to be able to help me out, so I'm hoping you brilliant people can.

I got my computer about three years ago, running Windows XP Home Edition.

I'm in English Canada, my computer is in English, but the setup when I got it allowed me to insert French accents easily by hitting ' followed by the letter I wanted accented (so '+e would give me é).

Now this was fine since I sometimes write things in French. But a few weeks ago I found I was writing in Latvian more, and hence wanted to switch the accent-making to Latvian accents and diatrical marks (such as š, ī and ļ). I just visited Latvia, and while everything on my relatives' computer was in English (such as "Start" and all the program names), their accent-making was set to Latvian characters rather than French ones.

Now, I'm fairly certain there's a way to change between these without buying any add-ons, since with messing around with settings I somehow managed to erase the French accent-making support, since I no longer get accents when doing the '+e mentioned above. I'm not sure how I erased one without making the other work....

Additionally, with changing around languages and whatnot on my computer, and switching parts back, I also managed to make the date stamp in English, but in the Latvian format, including the Latvian word for 'year'. I'm also not sure how I managed to conflate the two languages there, or how to get the regular one back.

I've tried messing around with keyboard settings, with regional and language options, and gotten nowhere. What should I do to either a) restore my old French-accent making settings, or b) get the Latvian ones?

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