Molly (vanityfacade) wrote in thequestionclub,

alright, tqc.

last weekend i was at a party and i ended up hooking up with this dude. sometime between the beginning of alone time with him and the time i left the house, i took off my earrings and put them in what i thought was the pocket of my hoodie that i had taken off earlier. the next day i checked that pocket and t hey weren't there... leading me to believe that i put them in his hoodie pocet. they were my favorite earrings, kind of expensive but not a huuuge huge life shattering loss if i never get them back.

the only time i ever talk to this guy is when we are both drunk at parties (we party together a lot, though). he gave me his number that night. do you think it would be out of line for me to text him and ask him if i put my earrings in his pocket?

if i did put them there, do you think he thought i was some kind of crazy person when he put his hand in his pocket and found my earrings?

if i didn't put them there, where are they!?

i sent him a text and he said he didn't find them. and i already asked the guy who threw the party. they are gone forever, y/y?
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