allison vernon-williams (fame) wrote in thequestionclub,
allison vernon-williams

I am going to Margaritaville (Myrtle Beach) to celebrate my 21st birthday. What should I order? I already know I do not like beer, but other than that, I'm open to suggestions.

I am housesitting/dogsitting right now, and the dog is a chronic remote chewer. I got here (first night) this evening, and there is a note with instructions on how to deal with the tv blahblah, and it indicates that I'm supposed to use a Sony remote. All I see is a Comcast remote. Where is the other one? Did the dog eat it?

Which do you prefer: Safari, IE, Firefox, or something else?

Should I be disturbed that the movie "The 18 Year Old Virgin" is due back to Blockbuster on Sunday, considering that I'm on an account (hence the e-mail) with my 56 year old mother and my 58 year old father?
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