meaghan (ohohmeaghan) wrote in thequestionclub,

earlier people asked if we had exciting plans today and i kept replying about how excited i was for two of my best friends to come to my apartment and to see them for the first time in months. they both bailed. i'm really really really disappointed and feeling pretty terrible and lonely (also going through a very long break up, also working 7 days a week so i almost literally never see anyone but my roommate). looks like my roommate and i will be going to the bar alone instead of having a bunch of people at our apartment. we get free drinks EVERY WEEKEND when we go there, one night we got seven free drinks and only paid for two (between three of us). so here's the question- how should i hit on the bartender? my roommate has been trying to convince me to (half as a joke) for a few weeks and i could use some absurd hilarious cheering up.

one of them keeps asking what other day we can hang out, because he's only in the state for like a week. i told him i work 7 days a week and only go out on friday nights. i told him i work all night saturday and all day on weekdays (i left out sunday because i get out at 4). why did he just ask me if i'm working on wednesday?
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