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Rating Communities wat?

What is your opinion[s] on rating communities?
Have you ever been in one?
What was the experience like for you?
*I'm curious cause the enjoyment people get out of them puzzles me.

My answers behind cut.

What is your opinions on rating communities?
I think they are waste of time in a boring "why am I here?" way. All I see on them usually is petty insults, drama where someone calls another out to see if they can boot them from the community,boring image posts, and a whole lotta insecurity call me pretty atmosphere wrapped up into one big mess..Which is kinda hilarious.The whole thing makes me wonder why lj has so many of these communities that don't serve any purpose but to milk egos and cause drama. I told my friend this but she said she met a lot of cool people in one of these communities. But still, you can find a lot of cool people in various communities so that wasn't a really good argument.

Have you ever been in one?Nope but I was referred to one by a friend years back which I looked at curiously but decided "nah".
What was the experience like for you?See above.

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