little soul (chiyo_no_saru) wrote in thequestionclub,
little soul

Yay, first post...

So here's my question:

Suppose a friend of yours went to a camp to be a counselor, but once they got there, discovered the didn't want to do it - too stressful, and they don't want to cloud the experience of the campers. Said friend is signed up to work a six week session.

Her parents want her to stay and carry out her committment, she wants to leave and come home.
That being said, she of course wouldn't leave without the permission of her boss - she might work for two weeks, and then go home.

If she called you and said she needed someone to pick her up, but her parents won't because they want her to stay, would you do it? It'd be about a twelve hour drive one-way.

If so, are there any legal issues if her parents didn't want you to pick her up? Could you be charged with kidnapping or anything? (Her parents aren't psychos, just very over-controlling.)

Also, would you bring a friend so you didn't have to drive alone?
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