Joe Mama (devil_bunny71) wrote in thequestionclub,
Joe Mama

laundry room etiquette

I'm looking for some opinions on one of the finer points of laundry room etiquette. Basically I'm wondering if I was rude to one of my neighbors (I really try not to be) or if he was rude to me.

Some background: I live in a 3-building apartment complex. Each building has one laundry room with two washing machines and two dryers, which serve 16 units. It's not uncommon for tenants to jump to another building to use the machines if the machines in their own building are in use. I don't do this personally but lots of people do and as far as I know it's not frowned upon.

The other day I had four loads of laundry to do. I put the first two in the washer and went back to my apartment. When I went back 30 minutes later to switch loads I discovered that one of my neighbors had dumped his hamper right next to the washer as kind of a "dibs on the next cycle" thing. Since it only takes about 60-90 minutes for me to do four loads I decided to go ahead and finish my laundry instead of letting him cut in (especially when it appeared that the laundry room in the next building over was open.) And to be honest, I was kind of annoyed. To me it seems rude to set up shop right next to the washer when someone else is clearly already using the facilities. Putting your laundry in the room is one thing. But putting it right next to the machines where it will clearly be in my way? Also, our machines have a digital display of the time left on the cycle so if it was REALLY urgent that he cut in he could have come down when my load would be finishing up to ask me. I never leave things in the machines past the timer and only delayed him by 30 minutes.

I was kind of curious to see what etiquette dictates in this situation so I googled it and got mixed results. What are your thoughts (besides the fact that I'm probably over-thinking it:))?
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