Mr. O (conflabit) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mr. O

Let's say you just won tickets for you and a friend-or-someone-else that are for a grand cruise around some exotic area that you vaguely remember hearing about in one of your history classes before you fell asleep. You pack up and all that, and end up on the boat.

After a few days of floating around in the vast emptiness of the sea, you land on an island known for being exotic and inhabited by "interesting natives". You are greeted by a collection of natives dressed in something that looks like business suits made out of animal skins, all named Theodore, riding raptors. The Theordores declare to everyone that your friend has committed crimes against their culture and demand that s/he be turned in for trial and subsequent consumption by the raptors, or else they will set fire to your boat and kill your family. You happen to know, for a fact, that your friend has never been to this island, because s/he was in Russia for war crimes.

Which of the following will you do?
1- Use Dark Charizard to destroy the raptors and Theodores, ridding the world of their animal-skinned business suits?
2- Turn your friend in because you're late for a massage?
3- Kill your friend because s/he is a douche who still won't pay you back the $500 you loaned them about four months ago?
4- Ask to ride one of the raptors?
5- Go back in the boat and sleep off what is clearly the worst food poisoning you've ever had?
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