Scarlett O'Hara (smartaleckstef) wrote in thequestionclub,
Scarlett O'Hara

validate me

I wish there was a community where you could vent about brothers or sisters.

My sister and I used to work at the same job (museum admissions) where we basically sell tickets, give directions etc. My sister left this job in August. Her and I are not on good terms at all. In the last few months, the only time she bothers to talk to me is when she has some favour to ask. I waited at her apartment for her bed for four hours, dropped off her resume and lately she's been asking me to provide museum tickets for her. I'd be fine if she just wanted to get museum tickets for her and her friends or whatever. But she works in PR and she appears to be falsely misleading her clients to believe she has some 'contact' at the museum so they can get in for free when really it's just her sister, the bonafide cashier. To get free tickets for someone, especially if they are VIP, it is an annoying hassle. You have to call the boss, make sure that it's written down on the day they come in and let your coworkers know that someone is coming in.

Bottom line is, I don't want to start World War III with my sister she is a volatile, crazy person but I want her to stop thinking she can treat me like shit and call fin avours constantly, especially with getting tickets, because I find it SUPER FUCKING ANNOYING. So how do I do this?
*spelling errors fixed.

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