She appears composed, so she is, I suppose. (stacyinthecity) wrote in thequestionclub,
She appears composed, so she is, I suppose.


1) Anyone here have a podcast?
2) Do you have a favorite podcast(s)?
3) What is the best podcast you've heard (non commercial company produced)?
4) What is the worst podcast you've heard?
5) If you were to listen to a podcast, what would you want to hear? i.e. what makes you like/dislike a particular podcast?

1) No, but I'm working on one. I work with a lot of indie bands and labels in my career, and in college I did college radio, so this seems to be something that would be a lot of fun for me and to help out these bands that I really love get some more exposure. My husband does voice work and radio professionally, so we have professional quality recording equipment at home to make the podcast, and I'm working with independant labels and musicians to get a good body of music together that I can use. I'm hoping to have it ready in mid-August.

2) No, but there are a couple I enjoy. Hoboken Rock City is great, Roots Rock Radio is another great one, De-Fi Radio I also enjoyed.

3) I think Roots Rock Radio was the best produced, though the other ones I mentioned were also of really good quality.

4) I can't rememember their names or links. :(

5) Music that I like is a big one. I don't want to listen to music that I don't particularily enjoy! The next biggest one (or maybe more important, I don't know) is that I don't want to hear stupid babble about nothing inbetween songs. Make it relatable to the audience, not boring, mindless dribble. The last thing is that I enjoy a show that sounds professional even if it isn't. I like hearing fancy sweepers, I like good transitions between songs, and most importantly, I want to be able to keep the volume in one place throughout the show - not have one song be too quiet and talking be too loud or vice versa. I don't want songs cut off abruptly, people cut off in the middle of a sentence, etc.
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