telebikun (telebikun) wrote in thequestionclub,

Decision time at last! Make up my mind for me, TQC.

Hi, TQC!

I've asked questions related to this one before, but I've finally officially booked the time off from work (yaaay!), so the once-wholly-theoretical question of where I might travel for five weeks is becoming very real.

I'm taking all of May and some of June off from my job. My original plan was to schlep around weird parts of the former Soviet Union for a few weeks, then meet up with my wife (who has less time available) for ten days in Turkey, then head home. If I do this, I'm sure I'll have an interesting time, but I'll also foot the bill all by myself, and Russia (where I'll spend at least part of the time) is very expensive.

An alternate plan would is to take two completely separate trips--one to Turkey at the end of May, and another to one or more of the 50+ countries where my company has operations. These include almost all of Latin America, many parts of Africa, and a few Asian countries (I'm less inclined to go to Asia, though, as I've spent a lot of time there already and want to go somewhere new).

If I do this, I'd get both six weeks off, and a $1000 travel stipend from my job, in exchange for doing a small amount of enjoyable work (mostly taking pictures and interviewing people). So I have two questions for you:

1) Should I take one long trip to Turkey and greater Russia, and foot the bill all by myself, or one trip to Turkey and another to somewhere in Latin America or Africa?

2) Where in Latin America or Africa would you go with $1000 of someone else's money in your pocket? Keep in mind that I'm on the West Coast, so Latin America is more financially feasible, but Africa's still a possibility.
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