Tareshen (kemeticmiranda) wrote in thequestionclub,

Give me your tired, your poor, your linguistically competent.

Do you think this person should be kicked out of the Netherlands?

This person is a 5 year resident, originally from an English speaking country. This person moved here to be with a partner. After 5 years of living here, this person cannot even follow a simple conversation in Dutch. This person uses various excuse to explain this away. "I'm too old (mid-40s). It's too hard to work 40 hours a week then attend 6 hours of language class a week. I don't have a 'thing' for languages. Oh, I could learn if I could stay at home all day and do nothing like you housewives. The school was shit."

No matter what you say, it is NEVER EVER this person's fault that this person cannot hold a basic conversation in Dutch. This person is currently unemployed because the only companies that will hire this person are American, Canadian, or UK companies that have HQs in A'dam. And we all know those companies aren't hiring right now. This person's partner must accompany this person to all appointments of any kind because this person CANNOT AND WILL NOT speak Dutch.

So, TQC, your verdict? Deportation or Duct Tape?

**ETA: I'm an American that moved here about the same time as this person. I've passed my exams, which are truly simple Dutch. There is a reason those exams are called 'the grocery shopping language test'. I'm also now able to get my NL passport based on the fact that I *gasp* CAN SPEAK DUTCH.**
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