Caitlin (kiffany) wrote in thequestionclub,

For about a year now, my parents have been talking about taking a family holiday. They've never booked anything or set in any dates, but they have discussed locations. Last year, I decided that I'd like to go to Asia in August of this year, so I set the dates and cleared it with my new boss (before I took the job) and she said it's fine, but she'd prefer it if I didn't take any other leave that year. Now they've decided that they want to go away in June (still not sure where, and still not sure exactly when), and they want to go away for ten days. I don't particularly want to go at all, but I said I'd go if it was just a weekend, or three-four days at most (because of my leave situation at work). This isn't long enough for them, so I suggested they go away for however long they want and I just fly home early. They told me this wasn't good enough either.

They've spent the past few weeks calling me selfish/etc. because I went overseas for two weeks last year and am now going again; and they haven't had any big holidays in a really long time. I've compromised as much as I think I can; how do you suggest I lay down the law once and for all and tell them I'm not going anywhere for longer than three or four days? Nothing I seem to say or do gets the message across, it just ends with an argument. If it comes right down to it I'll simply be flying back early regardless of what they say but I don't want to ruin the trip like that; I want everyone to be okay with what's happening before we go.

If my drama doesn't float your boat; what was your last family holiday like? Where did you go? Did you argue non-stop or did you have a great time? Any amusing anecdotes/advice re: family travel for me?

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