mekki (mekkio) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Inspired by these weird youtube videos;

First, came horse in a car, then came cow in a car and now camels in a car, what animal would you like to see jammed in a car for a ride?

2. In reference to this video article, to non-American TQCers , do we, Americans, sound like valley girl mall rats to you? It seems all the "I am from (fill in foreign country) and will be doing an American accent now" videos have people doing these sort of accents.

Canadians, you already know the answer since we are your pants. But I'd like to hear what everyone else says.

3. American TQCers, what is the one thing that non-Americans always get wrong about your country?

For me, it's that all Southern accents sound the same.
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