Alicen (alicinnamon) wrote in thequestionclub,

i work as a receptionist at an office. nobody really comes in, aside from an occasional salesman.

today a guy came in and gave me some flyers for random shit (a pizza place, a hair salon, a greek restaurant) with stuff like "Delisious!" or "You deserve it!" scrawled on the back. he then took a business card, a copy of our free software, a couple magnets, and took a pen and stuck it in his shirt. he also had a beeper clipped to his collar and a flyer for... something. i was getting creepy vibes from him.

he was really weird and i feel like i was being scammed or like he was trying to scam me... i mean all he took was free stuff so i didn't worry about it too much... but any ideas what the fuck was going on?
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