Sara Lynn (saralynn) wrote in thequestionclub,
Sara Lynn

or will they skin me and make a prairie skirt out of it

Have you ever cleaned house for someone? Would you?

Do you think these people are ax murderers that want to lure me into their home to kill me, or are they probably just legit looking for someone to clean their house?

Are you a self-starter looking for a family who needs you? We do! We will pay $100 for 8 full hours one day a week. We need someone great at cleaning and at washing clothes including folding, hanging and putting them away.

We are family of four with five or six loads of laundry a week. Plus, we need to have the house cleaned. Can you help us?

While some people may say they could do the whole deal in five or six hours, we are serious about needing someone for a full eight hours, from 9 to 5. Even though the laundry may be done after five hours (we have a large, new washer and dryer), there is always three more hours of cleaning to be done.

We need someone with experience and a work ethic willing to commit to us (not someone looking for a temporary job) and who will earn the $100 with an 8 hour day.

And yes, this is in a rich part of town.
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