the owl & the pussycat (ifancylust) wrote in thequestionclub,
the owl & the pussycat

a strange find.

there's a grocery store near my house that has two parking lots: one in the front and one in the back. nobody ever goes to the one in the back, but the other night my brother and i drove back there and found something really weird and eerie.

there was huge pile of...crap just laying on the concrete. there was a mattress, some furniture, bags and bags of clothing, shoes, wall hangings, books, boxes of bootleg dvds, and some photo albums. it was the strangest thing ever. it had obviously been there for quite some time because a lot of it was dirty and water-damaged.

from looking through the photo albums, we were able to figure out who they belonged to. there was also a wedding invitation, an obituary of the woman's husband, and an appointment card for a psychiatrist. the photos were from the 80's, but the appointment was for 2007.

it was seriously the most bizarre thing. my mom thinks that maybe the woman died and her relatives had nothing to do with her stuff so they just dumped it there. i guess that's plausible, but it's really hard for me to believe that a woman who must have been in her mid-60's owned tons of shitty bootleg dvds, bags of men's clothing, and multiple pairs of sneakers. maybe the stuff belongs to multiple people..?

anyway, tqc -- why do you think that stuff was there? who did it belong to? how did it get there?
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