Luisa (quitequite) wrote in thequestionclub,

Should I
a) Go see Watchmen this Thursday at midnight at my (regular) local cinema? (I can cycle back no prob)
b) Hassle my bro to let me stay over at his place in London so that I can catch a 2.45am showing at the IMAX on Friday night/Saturday morning (involves getting train back at 5.30am {which I don't mind} and walking around a slightly hobo-y area in the middle of the night to get there)?
c)Just go to the IMAX on Wednesday afternoon (tickets are already booked but I won't get to see it as soon as I'd like)?

For those who don't give a shit:
Which Friends character is your favourite? Why?
I love Phoebe because she's batshit crazy and clearly the most badass of them all.
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